Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rockets launched from south Lebanon at Israel

By Justin Salhani 

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Two rockets launched from south Lebanon hit non-residential areas of Israel, local media reported Thursday. No casualties or damages were reported.
The Israeli Army’s official spokesperson said via Twitter that initial assessments were that “Global Jihad terrorists” fired the rockets. Israel said it believes Hezbollah is not behind the attacks.
The National News Agency reported that the Lebanese Army found wooden platforms in the Batoulieh valley southeast of Tyre, a city 12 miles north of the Israeli border. One pair of rockets made it past the border while the other pair landed in the Lebanese border village of Alma.
The Rashidieh refugee camp, a short distance from the Batoulieh valley, is believed to have a Sunni Islamist presence. No group took immediate credit for the attack.

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